How do you feel about the state of immigration in the U.S.?

These 15 quotes are selected from hundreds of responses from students across the U.S. in the Uncertain U survey. They reflect the thoughts, beliefs and opinions of students and not of their universities.  

  • “Borders are a dangerous fiction.”
  • “We need a better vetting process for legal immigrants, but we don’t necessarily need to automatically deport undocumented immigrants. We need to provide a better, safer, and faster path to citizenship.”
  • “The amount of illegal immigrants in the country is far too high, but the idea of getting rid of all of them and literally building a wall is such a radical idea that won’t fix anything.”
  • “I feel it is a threat to U.S. students. The money spent to let illegal student attend college affects those who attend legally either by being a citizen or having a study visa.”
  • “More [Mexicans] are leaving than coming … The state of immigration is overblown, and should focus more on drugs and guns flowing through the borders.”
  • “We need a path to citizenship, and a more open door policy for refugees. However, we need to be mindful of national security, and create smart and fair vetting procedures.”
  • “I do believe that there should be more immigration policies such as correctly going through the process of getting a visa, but the media tend to over exaggerate in which the people think that we absolutely don’t want any immigration at all.”
  • “Being a student who studies Homeland Security there are a lot of things other college students don’t take into consideration. The Muslim ban is in place for a multitude of reasons and does not ban all Muslims. This ban prevents people from entering the USA who are from states that aid and support terrorism. I feel that somethings could be changed to be less biased and harsh but for the security of this nation these are the steps in the right direction.”
  • “… Also can everyone PLEASE stop using the term ‘illegal.’ Immigrants are tried under immigration law, not criminal law, which makes them legal! Illegality is only expressed in criminal law.”
  • “We forget our humanity and lose track of what’s important when we get caught in the paperwork, pettiness, and fear of the unknown.”
  • “I feel that there are many in power in the United States that are brokering a fear of immigrants to the masses, and they are misleading the public. I believe that our immigration policies are already some of the toughest for immigrants in the world.”
  • “Immigration is a government policy, and like any other, should be used in a way that BENEFITS the population already here. Immigration is a privilege, not a right.”
  • “Citizens and legal immigrants end up paying taxes for those undocumented immigrants.”
  • “Our border needs to be secure. Mexico needs to oust the corrupt officials and police. Being against illegal immigration doesn’t make someone racist. I think Trump has deterred a lot of illegal immigration simply by winning the election, and that’s a good thing. But Mexico needs to get itself together so citizens want to stay there and not flee to the U.S.”
  • “It’s terrible. We’re fearful of terrorists but they hail more from inside the U.S. than outside. Also they’re not taking our jobs. They’re just smarter and more hardworking than the people who claim they’re taking their jobs.”

Featured photo by Pixabay