Why are you concerned about disclosing your nationality or religion?  

These 25 quotes are selected from hundreds of responses from students across the U.S. in the Uncertain U survey. They reflect the thoughts, beliefs and opinions of students and not of their universities.  

  • “As a Jew, I am always somewhat worried that people will be anti-Semitic.”
  • “As a Muslim, I’ve had a fear of people reacting badly to me so in new spaces with strangers I don’t disclose that I’m a Muslim or what my last name is. (My last name is a very common Muslim name.)”
  • “I am Jewish and many people on my campus think that anything but Christianity is wrong.”
  • “Because I am a white conservative on a very liberal campus and that’s not such a great thing to be right now given our current political climate.”
  • “Because I am a Muslim/Egyptian student living in a country where Trump is president and people are constantly killing people due to hate crimes.”
  • “Job opportunities, no one wants to hire someone who might need visa sponsorship later on.”
  • “My family mixes several religions, and some are less well known and get a bad reputation.”
  • “Even yesterday, people attack me pretty consistently if they find out that I am a Christian. I’ve met so many people that are “accepting of everyone” until they find out you are a Christian. Just wearing a cross at Meijer, I was stopped by a stranger who came up to me to tell me I believed a myth.”
  • “When I’ve disclosed it, I’ve been instantly turned down for jobs.”
  • “I am a practicing Christian – often there feels there is no acceptance of Christian within liberalism.”
  • “My religion is Sikh and for a while Sikh people have been discriminated against because our turbans remind people of terrorists.”
  • “Catholicism is associated with the ‘pro-life’ movement, and I am Catholic but also very pro-choice. It’s not something that affects my daily life – just a small thing that comes up in conversations sometimes.”
  • “Lack of religion/atheism is extremely controversial, I’ve gotten negative feedback in the past.”
  • “I am Roman Catholic and my family is very devout, I sometimes worry that people will think that because I am very religious that that instantly makes me anti abortion or homophobic.“
  • “My religion is often accepted. However, many people at my liberal university question my intelligence or argue with me when I say I believe in God.”
  • “I am originally from Ukraine and being born that close to Russia, I get a lot of communist references, even though I am neither from Russia nor was born in a communist country.”
  • “Political view. For example I’m from Cuba and everyone always asks about communism and if I like it or not.”
  • “It often gives someone justification for thought(s) they may have been having about ‘what am I’ or ‘where are my origins’, which often times takes away from what I am saying. At the very least, my identity is a distraction.”
  • “Because I am/look Middle Eastern when I say I am not religious I feel like I have to preface I was raised a Christian or people may judge me or think I am a bad person because they usually react that way/disapproving.”
  • “Airport security, confusion with Middle Eastern and Muslim (I’m Indian).”
  • “Due to the recent election and because of recent graffiti.”
  • “Being Jewish in the southern Bible Belt is always concerning.”
  • “I am Catholic and I know that some people, especially Protestants, strongly disagree with our strict guide line and fundamental ideals.”
  • “I know people who are very set in what they believe and anything else is wrong to them.”
  • “Because religion is often viewed as weakness, I’m often judged for being simple minded because of my beliefs.”

Featured photo by Pixabay